Healing Breathwork with Annalise

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Breathwork Healing is a gently facilitated pranayama breath that allows the conscious mind to temporarily take a back seat to the wisdom of the body. Through focused and committed effort to the breath you are able to transverse your ordinary patterned thinking and move into a space of physical, emotional healing.
Breathwork allows you to deepen your connection to yourself, coming into contact with who you actually are and building the emotional framework to support your evolution. I have witnessed significant emotional and spiritual growth within myself and my client network as a result of this work.

Annalise has been working as a Healing Practitioner for 9 years. Her desire to Heal first started as an unavoidable desire to give back to community. In time this giving turned back to herself and she started to heal what mattered the most inside of her. Her teachings and tools are an offering to the world of what worked for her healing. She teaches from first hand experience and leaves no stone unturned. Her work is grounded, realistic and inspiring. Working with Annalise re-connects you to the pieces of yourself you have been yearning for; She guides you into a healing relationship with yourself, because at your core you have all your answers.

“Healing reveals your internal reinforcements. An intrinsic connection to that which is unequivocally you. A knowing finally how to take yourself, your heart and your joy seriously. It is the beginning of the second half of your life.” – Annalise Sullivan

Sunday November 4, 1:00 – 2:45pm

Investment $45 purchase

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