Pop Up Yoga with Nora Maskey

True to its name, these classes will pop up randomly on Journey Yoga schedule. Follow @noralynnm and @journeyyogawellness on Instagram to find out when the next class will pop up!

Then, register online and show up on the day to explore and play in classes designed for experienced practitioners who like to get upside down, balance on their hands, dive into backbends and explore what is possible in their bodies.

Influenced by Anusara Yoga sequencing and alignment, these longer classes are designed to be fun and challenging. Part regular class and part workshop, each class will take you on a journey to a pose or series of poses that we will explore with some detail.

At an 105 minutes each, you will have the time you need to fully prepare for and play with the featured poses. There will be ample time allotted for a sweet cool-down, as well as some breath work, meditation and a longer savasana.

To ensure that you have a great experience, registration is capped at 12 people. We will wait list up to 3 people for each class. To reserve your place, please register by following the link below.

Your investment: $25 per class

Class 1: Inversions
Date/Time: Saturday, Oct. 13, 9-10:45 am
Location: Bluebird Studio, Journey Yoga
Let’s get upside down! We will begin with some centering, gentle warm-ups, explore some poses to prepare your body for inversions, and then we will go for it! Handstand, Forearms stand, Supported Headstand, Supported Shoulder stand and plow will be featured.

Class 2: Hand Balances
Date/Time: Saturday, Nov. 3, 9-10:45 am
Location: Bluebird Studio, Journey Yoga
Hands down (pun intended), one of the most challenging categories of yoga poses to practice! After preparing the shoulders, hips and core, we will bring it all together in a few classic hand balances like Crow, Side Crow and build up to Dragonfly pose. We will include a handstand and forearm balance to warm up your shoulders and also explore some deep hip stretches so we can hover with ease in the Dragonfly. Expect to get upside down, too!

Class 3: Backbends
Date/Time: Saturday, Nov. 24, 9-10:45 am
Location: Bluebird Studio, Journey Yoga
While backbends are considered “heart openers” they really require mobile and strong shoulders and hips, core and back. We will move through these areas of the body and explore ways to get into at least one version of King Pigeon pose. Included in this practice will be hand balance and forearm balance with a backbend focus.

Class 4: Balancing Poses
Date/Time: Saturday, Dec. 8, 9-10:45 am
Location: Bluebird Studio, Journey Yoga
Balance gets better with practice! This class will explore some classic balance poses like Tree and Warrior 3 before we dance like Shiva in a full expression of the Dancer’s Pose. We’ll explore and hand balance and forearm balance as a way to explore balance while preparing the arms and shoulders for Dancer’s pose.